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Update on Nikki's Sale

Nikki and Frog

WOW!! I am so overwhelmed by all of the support and generosity that you have all shown to Nikki and I. When I had the idea for the sale, I was hoping that we would be able to raise enough money to pay half of Nikki's vet bill ($325 of the $750+), and that was my goal. The sale has been going since Saturday afternoon, only two and a half days now, and you have all helped me so much that I've actually exceeded that goal!!!

I cannot tell you what it means to me that you've all reached out to me, and how wonderful it feels to know that I will be able to make a really good payment to the vet for Nikki's care. This has been acutely stressful, being so scared for her, and trying to find a way to make sure she was able to have the care she needed and still be able to meet the payments. As tight as things are financially, for everyone, it is even more touching to me that you would reach out for us the way you have.

Nikki is doing really well! She's been playing with her favorite frog toy, barking cheerfully, and gone back to being able to chew her food and her dental chewy sticks. She has another vet appointment later on this week, to check out her extraction sites and make sure she's healing well, but from all indications, she's well on her way to being her old self.

I'm going to leave the sale going until Thursday evening, so if you would like something for 50% off, you'll still have an opportunity to snag something. Just convo me on Etsy or write me a note in Facebook, and I will change the price of the piece for you.

Teddy choosing the name for my last giveaway

In my first post, I said that if we met the goal, I would have a Thank You Giveaway for those who purchased a piece in my store or who shared my link - and so I will!! Friday night I will get Teddy to draw a name for us from the long list of people who have supported me so much, and that person will get a custom ColorPlay necklace in their choice of colors. I will make it 16" - 22" long; you get to choose the length. (If you haven't seen any of my ColorPlay series, there is an Olive/Gold version in the shop, and several different ones in my FB photo albums, check 'em out and think of what colors you would like if you win!)

THANK YOU so very much, both to those who purchased something, and to those who shared my blog link and showed their concern in many ways. Love you guys, ya know?


  1. Wow...this is SO heartwarming. And what a little darling she is. I'm so happy she's well again, Ned.

  2. Thank you so much!!!
    >.< eyes squeezed shut - hope I win hope I win >.<

  3. Wonderful news Nancy...that your "baby" will be fine!
    Happy Beading,
    -Eva Maria

  4. Glad to hear that both Nikki and your sale are doing well.

  5. Glad the sale went so well for Nikki and glad she's doing well now, too!


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