Snippets from a bead artist.


Lampwork Obssession

Ok, so you decide that you want to buy a lampwork bead for your next necklace. You go looking on the net for that bead, that perfect, one of a kind bead that will just fit your ideas right down to the ground..... my I say, "HA!" You will come away with at least three to start with. Soon, when you look around, your work space is littered with these gorgeous works of art, and you are bewildered. "Where did they all come from?" you mutter to yourself. There must be about twenty of them, right there, and you know there are more, which you have carefully labelled and put away for future use. What happened to that one bead that you were looking for? I can tell you - you found it, and then you found one more, and one more, and...well, no, you really shouldn't spend quite that much on ONE bead, but...JUST one more!

Have you been here? If you haven't, you have not yet contracted Lampwork Bead Lust. Hope you don't, if you haven't; if you do, you will soon be forced to mortgage your home and sell your car. Then you will be down so low, you might even be considering asking for a loan from your in-laws to keep your addiction satisfied. I guarantee you will need to cut up those credit cards.

Now, I am not complaining (although it sounds like it!) about the price of lampworked beads. The artists who make these should get every penny of their purchase price, as each bead is a little work of art in its own right. And these people are TALENTED! No, I am not complaining on the pricetag - I am more worried that I cannot stop buying them! I am hopelessly and completely hooked. I cannot stop myself from going to Etsy and searching for Floral Focal Beads. Or just Focal Beads. Or Organic Focals. I cannot stop myself from going to Ebay and searching for those things all over again. I cannot seem to stop myself from bidding on them, or asking sellers questions about them, or drooling over them. Most of all, I can't stop buying them and then waiting impatiently for the mail to come. My poor husband is so sick of going to the post office. (Don't be silly, I can't go myself, I am BEADING.)

I have to show them off; here are some of the beads that I have bought, or that my client bought, that I have worked with or that are waiting for me:

Mighty Oak Focal by Lloyd Osborne.

Floral Focal by Koi Creek.

Floral Focal by Bits and Baubles, Etsy.

Ocean Oil By Shari Slonski, Ebay.

Jeweled Desert by ElysiumBeads, Etsy.

Aren't they gorgeous? Could you have resisted? I can't possibly put photos of all of them up here or the blog would go on for ages. But I have to find some way to resist...I can't keep on buying and buying! But maybe just one more...