Snippets from a bead artist.


Winner of my Soup Giveaway

Thanks so much to everyone for commenting and hopping around on the blogs for Karen Williams' most excellent Explorations in Freeform Peyote book!  My pups and I sat down with some scraps of paper this morning, and Teddy picked Mary Harding as the winner of my soup giveaway!  Mary, send me an email and let me know your mailing address.  :)

Cheers, all - I hope you have a great time free forming with your new book, and have a grand day!  I'm leaving you with an image of a tag that I created for my new adventure this year - I'm taking an art course that lasts the whole year, on mixed media!!  The course is called Life Book, and if you google, you will see that it's a FABULOUS experience - I'm only three weeks in, and having a blast.  Paints, papers, pens, pencils, here I come!!


Freeform Beading ROCKS!!

And so does this book by Karen Williams, Explorations in Freeform Peyote Beading!  Karen asked me to take part in the book, an honor and a joy!  Everyone who knows me, knows that I adore freeform work.  Karen has given some of us in the book a chance to blow our own whistles and to share some of the terrific work you can find in there, here on this Book Blogging Tour.   Please read through my post, because there is info at the end about two giveaways, in case you're interested...  ;)

Let me tell you, Explorations is totally wonderful!  And perfect for those of you who have been hesitant to try your hand at freeform, but really love the look.  Karen has created an album of work and instruction that is fabulous on the eyes, easy to follow and just SO inspiring!  As a teaser of what you would have in store if you go and buy the book, here's an excerpt from Karen's blog:

"All told, Exploration's 174 pages includes images of ninety three pieces by twenty two artists (including myself) from three continents and four countries.  Detailed photo essays give a closer look at the construction and/or design process for twenty nine of the pieces, ranging from earrings and brooches to bracelets, necklaces, beaded bottles and even three-dimensional beaded fish."  

And some mind blowing work from artists included in here, starting with Karen herself, who explains how she created this gorgeous Poppy Brooch in one of my favorite chapters:

Karen Williams - Poppy Hat Brooch

And showcasing this stunning peyote draped bottle by Cortney Phillips (and she has another one in there, too!);

 Cortney Williams - Untitled

And this most awesome ring by Lisa Jones;
 Lisa Jones - Emerald City Ring

And this beauty of a necklace by the wonderful Saturday Sequins;

Sarah Meadows - Ocean

And, one of my personal favorites (this color combination just speaks to me) from Wendy Hatton, a necklace and earring set that I would just die for;

 Wendy Hatton - Homage to Amphritite

My piece in the book is one of my beaded rocks (which I called Froggie Knoll), where Karen let me explain how I wrap these little stones and turn them into mini landscapes. :)

After seeing all that, you MUST want to check out more!! There are eight chances available to be part of Karen's Giveaway from this blog tour - make sure to check out the rules and what the fabulous prizes are on her post HERE!  :)  Cynthia Machata of Antiquity Travelers has already made her post, so don't forget to hop there, too.  Should you now want your own copy of this marvel, you can buy one on Amazon, or from Karen herself, and both a Kindle edition and an eBook are in the works for those of you who prefer a digital format.

On my post here, I am going to give away a little bead soup, so that one of you can start your freeform journey right away.  Leave me a comment, and I'll put your name in the hat!!  I have some lovely little soups just hanging around in my stash...  ;)

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Karen, I am so honored to be a part of your fantastic book!  (I hope we all manage to turn some beaders into freeformers!!)

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