Snippets from a bead artist.


News about Prompts

Hello all.  I'm afraid I'm going to stop doing bead prompts for a bit, go on hiatus and see if things perk up at all.  The original plan was to start doing monthly prompts to see if they could help me (and others!) to get back to beading again... and it hasn't worked for me (although I have heard that it has for others and that makes me soooooo happy!).  I'm sad that the beads these days cause me anxiety rather than joy, but it's helped me to make this decision.  I'm hoping that by putting things away and taking a true break from everything bead related, that my muse will be coaxed back into the open.  The prompt group is going to remain open and folks are more than welcome to hang out and post their works in progress or inspiration, or even to suggest prompts themselves.  I hope to come back to it with a fresh eye and a much more relaxed mind, but I'm not at all sure when.  Thanks so much for following along, if you have, and for supporting my little endeavor!  I hope you all have a wonderful April and that you have much, much fun.  Hugs to all.