Snippets from a bead artist.


Winner of the Super Special Giveaway!!

Sorry for the very long wait, I've been battling some sort of bug this week.  But here I am, and I have a winner for the very special signed copy of Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes, and my two tutorials, Bollywood and Juliet!!

Congratulations to Dot Lewallen, whom the random number generator really likes today!  Dot has a lovely blog (SpeedieBeadie), and she makes fabulous beady goodness - I can't wait to see what she makes.  Dot, I hope you have a wonderful day today, and I will get your book in the mail, and headed Jill's way, by this Friday.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and everyone who reads my blog and supports my bead addiction!!

Today, I'm bead embroidering up some earrings, and trying to settle my stomach.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!


Super Special Giveaway and New Tutorial (s)

Wow, my friends are so right!  Apparently I need to blog more often, as I always have a gazillion things saved up to talk about all at once, lol!  I'm going to restrain myself and only share two of them this time... and hopefully post again in the next week (don't faint, please).

I am thrilled and honored (and VERY LATE in saying so) to have two of my pieces published in Jill Wiseman's gorgeous book, Beautiful Beaded Ropes.  Horn of Ammon and Colorplay V. II were lucky enough to be featured in Jill's gallery pages, and I am just so excited! If you haven't seen this book around yet, you should run to your nearest book shop and check it out instantly.  Her projects are insanely beautiful, and she has made them in such a way that you can easily customize each piece to suit, making them either every-day wearable, or ramped up and super sparkly!  I have a favorite, of course... being the nut I am for right angle weave, I am in love with her Heirloom Necklace.  It's fab-u-lous!!!!  Here is a picture of it, in all its glory - isn't it wonderful??

My second favorite, which is actually tied for first with the Heirloom Necklace, is Falling For you... I have many, many lamp worked beads, and some of them must have this treatment!  (I bet you have a few too!!)  And this one is one of the ones that I feel you can customize the most, because you could have insane amounts of fringe (who, me?) with really elaborate focal beads or you could have it as she's made it with with smaller focals and reasonable fringe, elegant and ready to wear anywhere.

I also have a new tutorial in my shop this week, Bollywood Bracelet, which I hope everyone likes.  It includes instructions on making a matching pendant and earrings as well as the bracelet, and it would look fabulous as a choker style necklace, too - I am making one for a very special friend of mine, who helped to test the tutorial, and also helped me with ideas on the clasp for the bracelet.  The second photo is of the choker in progress...   This is the second new one, actually, as I never blogged about the release of my Juliet tutorial, which is also available in my shop.

So my Super Special giveaway is this:  I am going to send my copy of Jill's book TO JILL, who will sign it with flourishes (I'm sure), and then Jill will mail the autographed copy to the winner! I am also going to give away copies of the Juliet Necklace tutorial and the Bollywood Bracelet tutorial to the winner, so you get three in one!  The giveaway will be open to entries until Saturday of this week at noon, and all you need to do is leave me a comment on this post, AND go and leave a 'Like' over at Amazon, on Jill's book listing.  Easy!  The winner will be picked with a random number generator this time, Teddy's on break.  ;)