Snippets from a bead artist.


Diamonds are Forever...

I'm a huge James Bond fan (Sean Connery will never be replaced), but that isn't actually why I used that for a post title... I've made a new bracelet - the first beadwork from NEDbeads for 2012! I'm quite excited about it because I had a horrible week or so after Christmas where the muse Went Missing.

This is my second piece for Beadsmith, using one of their wonderful Elegant Elements clasps. Once my muse returned from her little vacation (why couldn't I go too?) I had a few ideas. Finally. I also used silver plated size 11 Metal seed beads, also generously provided by Beadsmith, which are brandy new to me - and I really love how they sparkle. The 15s are sterling plated, and I used freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals.

I made little diamond components that consist of four units of RAW, two beads per side, and then filled each unit with a tiny seed pearl. I added a cross over on top of the work with a 3mm crystal, and edged each component. Then I connected them all together with larger pearls and more crystals. I really like the jagged edges on this, I think it looks like white mountains.

Getting everything to STAY in the shape of diamonds and not sag all over the place was a bit of a challenge - but this is why I adore Fireline. If you use enough passes, it will keep anything from moving around, lol!

Currently I am working on making another of these (or a variation) in a different color way, because although this looks quite bridal, I think it would work in other ways as well. And I still want to fiddle with it, so the design can't be quite finished yet.

I would like to really really thank Steven and Charlotte for giving me the opportunity to work with these fantastic clasps, it has been fabulous and I am very honored to have been included in the group. Hope you liked the results!!