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Long time, No blog!

I did not realize until today how long it had been since I wrote here, and boy do I need to get going! I have since finished two more necklaces and a new cuff. The cuff is my favorite, I had a wonderful time making it and was sorry when it was finished, even though I couldn't wait to wear it!
Lavender Dreams : This is the second commissioned necklace, and I made matching earrings to go with it. These gorgeous lampwork beads were handmade by Kandice Seeber of Air and Earth Designs, which my friend fell in love with. I love them as well, and think that they go great with the gold findings. Please visit my website for a closer look at this so you can really appreciate Ms. Seeber's work!

Deco : This second necklace's fate is so far undecided. It may be for my commission, or my friend may elect to have me create a different neck piece with a different focal. This is a stone bead rather than a lampwork bead, and I had to make it into a pendant as it was soooo heavy. It is rhodochrosite bead, with faceted onyx and crystals. I decided to call it Deco, although I am still not sure that I am happy with the name.

Oceans : This is the cuff!!! I love this cuff, did I mention that? I am keeping it, I think, as I could not bear to part with this one. I am hoping that I will find another Blue Lace Agate cabochon somewhere (anyone seen one?) so that I can make another one to go out into the world. The cab is surrounded by crystals and the two side cabs are Labradorite. This has so many different kinds of beads on it that it would take a whole page to list them, so I haven't. I have side views of this on the website, as they are both different and asymmetrical.

I also have completed my first pair of woven earrings in a year, and put them up on Facebook and the web site. They were fun to make, but really easy, so they gave me a break from the complexity of Oceans, but they took no time at all! I am thinking that I may make some more, whether they be metal or woven, as I am thinking of listing a few things on Etsy to just kind of dip a toe in the water.

I have also had a local store owner offer to have some of my pieces for sale in their shop this week, which thrilled me beyond belief! I may actually be on my way, and I am so excited about it!


  1. Love your work & the new pieces are gorgeous.

  2. Wow and more wow. I adore "Deco" and as you know...I think the chainwork is stunning. These are just gorgeous Nancy!

  3. Thank you, LJ! I am kind of hoping that the lady decides on a different necklace and leaves this one with me!


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