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I did not have a hard time picking something out to blog about this week; just the reverse, I was only trying to figure out which of the ten things I had on my mind to include!! I was included in Mortira's awesome blog this week, where my Serenity Vessel was featured with a lot of other really wonderful artists, which I thought was pretty exciting, AND I was featured in an Etsy treasury listing, which was terrific! Unfortunately I was not able to figure out how to get a link to show you the treasury, but you can see the blog here:


Please visit Mortira at her shop:


I bought two new beads (of course!!) at Hannah Rachel's shop, Good River Gallery, on Etsy:

Is that not GORGEOUS??!! I love her beads, but especially her florals. The other I purchased is also a flower. But I wanted to include some of her other work. She does amazing and intricate beadwork and I had to include a picture of one of my absolute favorites of hers, Toas Sunset:

I am thinking of which new things I would like to list on Etsy this month, possibly a few more of my vessels. More of my necklaces would be good, too. I have noticed that I don't have very many earrings included anywhere...I haven't made any in ages, so I should be thinking about that, too. And, of course, I am in the middle of two large collar projects as it is, and have three cuffs in mind to start...I don't have enough hands! It would probably be helpful if I would stop shopping Etsy quite so much, as I seem to find something new that I HAVE TO HAVE every week! No, I don't buy them ALL...really. Honestly.

This week I have also spent a lot of time grooming and caring for my dogs (Nikki, Teddy, Sunny & Sydney) . I realized that I had not added photos of them in my blog, and so planned to correct that today. So, here are a few of my favorite ones:

This is Teddy (Theodore H. Bear), who just turned 4 today!

This is Nikki (Nikita Bean)

This is Sunny Bear

And this is Sydney Belle

These guys are such a huge part of my everyday life that I had to include them this time. Teddy is my shadow, Nikki is the Princess, Sydney is very much like a huge cat ("Pat me when I ask, otherwise LEAVE ME ALONE, thanks."), and Sunny is my husband's dog. The chows like to hang out, the pomeranians want nothing but playing and attention at ALL times - including beading times! It is a challenge to bead with a Pomeranian on your lap...

Dogs, beads, shopping, laundry, goes on!!


  1. Love your little beautiful. I have a hard time beading with a long hair dachsund wanting all my attention too...just love them though. your beadwork is beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much, Jacquie! I bet your fur baby is gorgeous, too! LOVE the puppies!

  3. Oh that orchid bead is fabulous! I know you are going to do something wonderful with it!

  4. I love the pictures of your dogs! It's so funny how they all have their own personalities. I have two dachshunds that I adore. The orchid bead is perfect and the Toas Sunset necklace is spectacular.

  5. Hannah makes incredible beads, doesn't she, Patricia??! I had a hard time choosing, that's for sure!

    Mary - dogs are just wonderful all the way around! I am sure you have a great time with your two as well, it is impossible not to love them!

  6. So THAT's where that orchid went. I tried to buy it last week. LOL! Congrats on a lovely purchase. Off to check your feature on Mortira's blog!

  7. Oh! And I'm very jealous of your vessel making :) (sorry, brains not all here right now)

  8. Thanks so much! (Sorry I beat you to it, Marsha!!)

  9. Your pets are beautiful all are unique in there known way.I like the teddy.Best wishes.

  10. Thanks so much for your kind words, everyone! I have a wonderful orchid in the works for you, Marsha...

    Oh, those puppies, how sweet are they?

    The vessels are just gorgeous.

  11. What a beautiful family you have, Nancy :D *hugs*

  12. I want to squish my face right up in Sunny's!! LOL!!!

    K, if you think beading with a Pom on your lap is hard, you should try it with a 9 month old kitten.... Now THERE'S a sport that should be in the olympics!

    Oooh, can't wait to see what you make with that orchid. Oddly enough, orchids were my photography subject last Monday. They're such gorgeous flowers, aren't they?

  13. Saludos, antes que yo diga otra cosa, sus trabajos, que MARAVILLAAAA, y la otra cosa: sus perros me encantan, le envio mis abrazos y besitos!


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