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I am SO late!! I should have posted this last night or this morning - to my team mates, sorry!! The Handmade Division Team Blog topic this month is Inspiration, and where we find it. This is a huge subject!!!

In reading over some of the other lovely blogs, and in the past years' reading of blogs, I notice that soooooo many people say they are inspired by my answer is boring - nature!! In my case, it is almost always plant life rather than animal, but to be specific - TREES inspire me!! Can you tell??

However, I am also inspired by emotions:

This little vessel was made during a week when I was very angry - and I thought that flames represented that for me. During a different time frame, I made this other vessel, and named it Serenity, which is how I felt then...

AND I am inspired soooo often by the work of others. The amount of fantastic beadwork out there is amazing, as is all of the jewelry and art created that we get to view on the web. Sensory overload!! But here are three of my favorite ladies who inspire me most:

There are wayyyyyyyy too many pieces from each lovely lady to post them all, but take my word for it that they are all amazing. To check out more of the goodness click on their names, and you will get whisked away to their shops and/or Facebook pages.

There is so much inspiration in the world that the easier question for me to answer would be; what DOESN'T inspire you!! Since I am sooo late getting this written, however, that's as much as I have time to squeeze in. Just so's you know, if you aren't with me on FB, I also have had the glorious luck to have a gallery (The Sharon Art Gallery in NH) accept my work and feature me in October! Yay!!! I am thrilled!!

Now, to make sure I have business cards, notes and tags for the pieces, on and on and on... wow, I guess I better get to work!!! (Instead of working on that new cuff I'm in the middle of. )
See you soon!!!

And please check out the other team members' blogs!!!


  1. Your works are so wonderful... I love them!!!!

  2. Love your "nature" pieces--and I adore that "angry" funny! Inspiration comes from all over...I can see colors in a Photo and an idea Pops into my head. My favorites.. Fractals. Look at fractal art and you will 'see" all kinds of beady ideas.

  3. Trees? Really? I'm laughing. I love your tree-inspired work. Come to think of it - I love your pissed-off inspired work too! Thanks for the mention, Ned!

  4. Lori - that sounds like a lovely way to get inspiration - and thank you for the compliment!

    LJ - Thanks!!! LOVE your stuff, every bit of it!

    Thank you, Eva!!

  5. love your post Nancy - was worth the wait. It seems like the whole team has a lot in common on where we get inspired from :) interesting to know!

  6. yea, what doesn't inspire you?! your work is very inspiring:)

  7. YOUR work inspires ME!!!!! I wish I wasn't going through this seemingly interminable dry spell I'm going through. I sit back and admire the work of talented artists, such as yourself, and Linda, and Mikki. I keep hoping for that spark, that moment where it hits me and all I need to do is bead it! ;)

    Thank you so much for the mention! I absolutely adore your tree-inspired work, most notably Dryad.

  8. Hi Nancy...enjoyed your post. Your work and photos are gorgeous!

    I laughed when I read, "There is so much inspiration in the world that the easier question for me to answer would be; what DOESN'T inspire you!!" I was asking myself that very same question. :)

  9. Great post Nancy, nature is very inspiring indeed. I particularly love that purse.

  10. Thank you!!! You are all so sweet!!!!

  11. Love how you have expressed emotions in color. What a wonderful way to transform our feelings into beauty! I really love that bag resting on the jewelry box. wow!! Nice work. I will be back.


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