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April's Bead Journal Project Piece- Late!

OOooo!! I hate being late!! However, it is better than never in many cases. I finished my quilt square on May first, but we didn't get to photos until today. Here 'tis. I've been having some fun lately including filigree bits in with my embroidery. I really hadn't done it much at all before, as I tend to like precious metals much much more than base metal... but I am becoming quite fond of brass and copper, both. So I bet you'll be seeing some more! If you haven't yet, you should come and check out all the other gorgeous beadwork being done in the Bead Journal Project.

I am also taking part in a new blog hop, the Do Over Challenge hosted by Jeannie Dukic. She's sending us a piece of jewelry that she made in the past, and challenging us to make something new and 'better' with it. I thought this sounded like a ton of fun, and joined up right away. Sign ups are now closed, but there will be a blog hop on May 25th to reveal what everyone has done with their pieces. Stop by Jeannie's blog, it's a cooooool place to hang out and right now she has a fabulous post up on color!

Have a great night, all!


  1. Ooohhhhh, love your quilt square! Beautiful my dear!

  2. The colors you chose give it great depth!

  3. VERY nice BJP! Love the combination of traditional pattern in beads.

  4. Lovely Nancy, and so much a quilt square in flavor and feeling!

  5. I love this! its beautiful and great color mixture.
    Analisa in Dubai


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