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50 % OFF Sale for Nikita

My little pomeranian Nikita Bean was pretty ill last week. She had several problems with her teeth that needed emergency treatment, and as a result, Sherwood and I are facing a veterinarian bill of over $750.00. So, I'm having a sale at NEDbeads on Etsy, and anywhere else you happen to see my work (other than the Sharon Arts Center in NH), to try to meet some of the bill. Everything in the shop and in my photo albums is on sale for 50% off. Because I am offering the sale to friends and blog followers only, I'm not going to go and re-price everything in the shop; I'm going to ask that you contact me through Etsy if you would like to purchase an item, and then I will change the price for you before you purchase it. If you are interested in something that isn't in the shop, but that you've seen on my FB page in one of my albums, let me know and I will give you a price on that, as well. Right after I finish posting this, I'll be going to the albums and marking which things have sold, so that you can tell if it's available. Please spread the word for me if you have time, either on Facebook or on your own blog, it will help out an awful lot.

If I can make my goal of meeting half of the bill this way ($325) then I will also be having a draw-from-the-Teddy giveaway for those who made purchases, and for those who spread the word for me (make sure you leave me a comment here if you shared my blog link), so not only will you get your piece half off, you might get a freebie, too!

So if you've been looking to get something lovely for a huge deal, now's the time! Nikki and I say THANK YOU!! :)


  1. Hope you do well in your sale for Nikki

  2. I posted a link. Good luck on the sale.

  3. shared your message on FB
    good luck and healing vibes for Nikki!

  4. I've requested a couple of small things. Hope it helps.

  5. Posted a link. Hope Nikki is feeling better!
    Patty Briggs
    The Danish Princess on Facebook

  6. Thank you all so much, it all helps more than you know.

  7. I'll post on my Peregrine Beader FB page, too, Nancy! Glad she's doing well!

  8. I just saw this...I'm so sorry to hear about Nikita...hope she's doing better soon!



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