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Nikki's Giveaway Winner!

Teddy just couldn't decide. So Nikki decided to step in, and she picked the winner this time, which is fitting, since the sale was all for her!

Congratulations to Sally Anderson, who made a purchase from my shop. Sally, let me know your favorite color combination, and I will make you a customized ColorPlay necklace!!

Thank you to EVERY SINGLE one of you who helped us! Nikki is happy as heck and playing like mad, and she has a clean bill of health from the vet, who says she is healing perfectly.

I'll post a picture of Sally's necklace once it's done. Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Congrats Sally! How exciting!

  2. Congrats Sally, and so glad Nikki is ok!

  3. Congratulations, Sally! Nikki...good job on the draw!

  4. Oh Oh OH I am going to have to send the Bead Ninja's after Sally for sure! She is one of the sweetest women so I know this is so special for her! I am thrilled to pieces that Nikki is doing so well and I know that takes the biggest part of the stress out of the picture. I am also thankful that everyone was able to help you exceed your goal. Wasn't in the cards for me this time but I was sending selling thought to you!

  5. I am so beyond excited at this. I love the ColorPlay work you do and to think I'll have my own...! Well, it's just too marvelous. Thank you again -- so so so much! And thanks to Kristen for such sweet words!


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