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NEDbeads Reviews Metal Clay Fusion

I can't say enough good things about this book!  Gordon K. Uyehara and Lark have done an outstanding job with this, and although it isn't beady, this is incredibly inspiring visually, and once you start to reading about the claying process, it's enough to make you want to go buy some immediately just to try out his gorgeous projects.  (If I had the money to get all the tools and equipment necessary, I would have gone out to get them the day I received this book to review- honestly.)

In his introduction, Gordon says "...the projects presented here are easily adapted to the various clay types, and the designs are customizable.  I always design first, so you may notice that none of the projects are conceived around a technique.  Rather, the techniques are provided to fulfill a design goal."  When I have a design idea in my head, this is how I work as well, and this really touched home for me.  What follows throughout this book are incredible projects and astoundingly beautiful gallery images, both from the author's own work and guest works as well.   Shall I give you some examples?  LOOK at some of the projects in this book (there's even a BEAD in there)!!

 Bezeled Pendant 
 Tri Metal Hollow Bead
 Honu King Incense Burner
Poison Pill Ring

There are also several photos from a Facebook friend of mine, whose work I admire SO much; Liz Potter Hall is so talented.

 Inka Dinka Do

And works by an artist I am unfamiliar with, but whom I now want to seek out immediately; Holly Gage.

Greek Goddess of Love - From the Goddess Collection 2010

This is also an extremely well-written book, with very specific information and many tips and tricks that Mr. Uyehara has learned through his own experience with the medium.  Even though I have never dabbled with metal clays at all, I found myself reading through the entire book, from his descriptions of the tools and equipment all the way through the projects.  Not only does he give us a comprehensive look at each type of metal clay (silver, copper, bronze) but he talks about the firing process and what happens to the compounds during the firing, Developing Your Designer's Eye, Thinking in Parts, and Artiquette (which comprises his thoughts on personal ethics within the artist community) before jumping into the projects.  I would feel very informed and ready to try things once I got to the projects area of the book.

I SO want to try this!  And even if you aren't interested in working with the clays at all, the photographs and text are so inspiring that I would recommend this book to beaders and other artists as well.  If you can't afford your own copy, I highly suggest finding a library that carries it so that you can Check This Out!!  If you do want to get your own copy, here is the LINK to Amazon.  :)


  1. I love, love, LOVE this book! I've been following Gordon around the internet for years - his work is amazing.

  2. Wow! wowwowowow! I have almost succumbed to metal clay many times- it seems so amazing and alchemical! One day I will be ready and I shall grab this book!

  3. Looking pretty beautiful! I was scrolling down and stunt to see all images particularly the Greek Goddess of Love - From the Goddess Collection 2010 and really feeling good to have such information. Thanks much for sharing this.


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