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Asian Crane Traveling Bracelet and a New Year Ahead

Have you heard of the Traveling Bracelets, a wonderful and very special creation of the talented Sig Wynn-Evans?  If not, I highly encourage you to pop over to Sig's blog and read all about them, and then stay to read all the wonderful stories that have been shared so far along the way.  In short, Sig has created twelve bracelets, and sent them out into the world to travel about and bring with them good karma and love to each person who has a chance to visit with one of them, as a way to pay it forward for all of the love and good wishes that came her way during a very hard time in her life.  

Marcia DeCoster has undertaken a journey wherein she would like to host each of the twelve bracelets before they move on... and I was lucky enough to have been given an opportunity to host one myself, through Marcia.  The gorgeous Asian Crane spent Christmas with me!!  Opening the package for the first glimpse of her beauty... not only is she full of good energy, but she is perfect in every way.  Sig's craftsmanship is amazing, and each bead is woven with great care.  I am thrilled to have been included in the travels of this gorgeous bracelet, she brought with her a sense of peace and completeness, and inspiration to me, as well, huge huge huge gifts indeed.  

My home is a very quiet one for the most part - I spend my days beading and taking care of my three dogs and the house while my husband is gone to work and so Asian Crane kept me company many a day this past week.  During our holidays, my husband and I spend most of our time together, and usually only have one visit out to see his parents, while my Father comes up to our house on Christmas day for a lovely meal.  Rather than the traditional turkey, we had a massive pot roast this year with all the fixings - and she joined us at the dining table.  :)  

Teddy and NikitaBean are a part of everything.  Our ChowChow, Sydney, is older now, and spends a lot of time sleeping, so she didn't partake of the festivities very much - but Nikita obligingly posed for us while she investigated the bracelet.  She looks very regal wearing it as a crown - which is perfectly fitting, as Nikita is the Queen of our house.  Teddy had a great time sniffing it out, but he just wouldn't hold still - he is joyous and full of energy and wiggles like mad.  

During the time I had Asian Crane, I was flooded with inspiration and ideas for my beadwork and where I would like to go with it in the coming year.  I truly feel that this was something that was given me, by all of the people who had the bracelet before I did.  I managed to complete three things that I was worrying about - deadlines that I needed to meet - and found a 'theme' for my year as well...  

My hope is that the peace from my home, the happiness of the season spent here, and the joy and energy and love from Nikki and Teddy, will all go on with the Asian Crane throughout her travels.  She is going to a lovely, wonderful, talented and sweet lady in Ohio next, to my friend Julie Cowan.  I have no doubts at all the Julie will enjoy her visit with Asian Crane, and that the bracelet will travel on from Julie imbued with the love that Julie brings to everything she does.  Thank you so much for the opportunity, Sig and Marcia.

One of the things I finished is something I can share - Lotus bracelet happened during the week I visited with Asian Crane, and I am very pleased with how it came together.  It was born of just playing with the new Rizo beads, which were a gift to me from a very special friend.  I am hoping to produce a tutorial for it soon, if there is enough interest.  :)  The thread path is a pretty long one, as the components are very structural. 

While reading my blog list, and hanging around on FB (which I do wayyyyyy too much), I read about others choosing a word for their new year - something that resonated with them, something they would like to focus on for the year.  I thought and thought about it - resolutions never ever work for me, but perhaps a word would help me to at least focus a bit and drift a little less.  

I chose courage.

This is a VERY Hard Word. 

But, I think it is the right word, and this is the right year to strive for it.   Yesterday, the very first day of my new year, I had to have some photos taken... and believe me, I needed that word.  I definitely haven't got enough of it yet to post any of them, but I am amazed that I managed to do it at all... so maybe at some point, the posting will be possible, too.

I hope that the new year brings to each of you everything you could possibly need, and some of what you wish for as well.  Thank you for hanging in there for my VERY spotty blogging!  I will try to make a bigger effort this year to spend more time on the blog... something I've been meaning to do for awhile now.  (And update my website, but that's a whole 'nother thing...)


  1. Thank you for sharing.Good luck for 2013 and draw 'courage' as needed from all your friends in the virtual world: we are with you in spirit!

    1. Thank you, Catherine!! You always always always give me both that and support... and I am so grateful!

  2. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us and thank you Sig for being willing to share your beautiful work with the world.

  3. I adore the concept of the Traveling Bracelets. What an honor to have been able to host one, especially at this time of the year. Nikita wears it beautifully! I will absolutely check out Sig's blog. Imagine the stories these beautiful works of art could tell of their travels if only they could talk! The Asian Crane found a warm and loving welcome in your home, and it has been an uplifting and inspirational beginning to my New Year. Thank you so much for sharing this story, Nancy. And now, I might have to invest in some Rizo beads because that Lotus bracelet is not only gorgeous, but now carries with it the spirit of the Asian Crane.

    1. Thanks so very much, Cath - I hope that you get a chance to host one as well, because I think that the energy you contribute would be amazingly wonderful. I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and I hope you find even more inspiration on Sig's blog. :)

  4. oh dear you, I love your post and think that you deserved to receive that beautiful 'visit'. I am a bit sad that not one of those travelling bracelets has come to Switzerland (but I am also relieved, because the post service here is literally racketing us with scandalous high prices) But I would love to do a round robin again and would set money aside for that. My amulet bag is so close to the heart! Voilà... I choose to see the good side of everything. ;) Much encouragement for your yearly commitment. I think that it is wonderful to do that. Like the vows of King Arthur's knights. I think that my word of this year will be "GOOD", in the sense of pushing myself to see something good in everything, even the most terrible things.

    I might write about that on my fresh new blog too :)

    1. Thank you Cath! I so hope that one can come your way, because I know that the bracelet you would send on, would be so full of love and positivity... just SO full!!! You're an amazing friend, and I hope your New Year is just as amazing. xxx

  5. Please, I would so enjoy having a tutorial of your Rizo bracelet since I just ordered a few colors but don't really have any plans for them...

  6. I absolutely love your Lotus bracelet. I haven't purchased any Rizo beads as yet but hope to soon.

  7. What a lovely thing the travelling bracelets is. And such a beautiful on you got to share the holidays with.
    Lotus is beautiful Nancy. Fab use of the gumdrops!
    Have a wonderful and courageous 2013


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