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May's Beading Prompt

Happy May!  I BEADED A THING last month!!! Yes, yes, I actually did one of my own prompts, lol.  ;)  I made an amulet/vessel pendant designed by Donna Louise Sanders of Delicate Sparkles.  I love love love this pattern.  I'm actually working on a second one now!

If you're interested, the tutorial is called Juliet's Potion Bottle, and you can find it here in Donna's Etsy shop. (She has also just finished a second vessel tutorial that will be my next thing!!  You can find that one here.)

Soooooooooo... this month's prompt is more like a challenge, really.  How many tutorials do you have sitting on your hard drive (or stashed in a file somewhere) that you haven't gotten around to tackling?  No, really... how many??  WAY TOO MANY, that's how many!  So this month I challenge you to go and look through that huge stack (mine is huge, I bet yours is too) and pick one and DO IT!  Bead the thing!!  I'm going to show a few of mine that I have sitting there just waiting for me, and of course you could go and buy one of them for yourself (enabler that I am), but the challenge is to grab one you already have.  You could always do new ones next month, or after you finish making one from your stash of tutorials... ;)

I have a huge hoard.  This is only the very tippiest tip of the iceberg, here.

Carol Paris's Northern Star Pods.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Gwen Fisher's Cellini Asterisk Pendant.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Heather Kingsley Heath's Chantry Window Bracelet.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Helena's La Chiave necklace.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Martina Nagele's Phoenix Feather Lariat.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Sabine Lippert's Bunch of Bangles.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel's Mermaid Bracelet.  Love.

Tutorial is HERE.

And that's just a few!!!!!  So I dare ya, go dive into your stash.  See what you have.  Then bead one up!

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