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January 2019 Beading Prompt

Happy New Year everyone!  I sincerely hope that it brings you each what you most want and need and that it's full of joy and many, many beads.  (And that you might have gotten a few stash items for Christmas as well. ;) )

Speaking of Christmas gifts brings me smoothly to this month's prompt, as it is entirely brought about by a generous and wonderful gift I received from a very special friend over the pond - Becs Dean Skinner sent me BOTH of Heather Kingsley-Heath's Albion Stitch books!

I'm so excited and can't wait to dig in!  Albion is a fabulous stitch with so many variations and uses, and Heather's projects are amazing and beautiful.  If you don't own the books I highly recommend them (yes, I've read them already!), and if they aren't in your budget right now,  Heather has many pdf patterns available on her website, as well as some free ones that she created for International Beading Week.  

There are a plethora of projects to choose from in the books (which are really well written and have step by step directions that are sooooo easy to follow).  A selection of the patterns I am most drawn to in the two books would be the Sea Curl bracelet, The Cloister Ribbon necklace and (squeeeeeeeeeee) freeform vessels!! 

Projects/patterns you can find on her website (which is HERE) include The Harlequin Lariat;

this STUNNING Country Garden Beaded Flower;

The Spinning Wave Pendant;

And the Winter Butterfly (seriously, this is so gorgeous it takes my breath).

These are all located in her for purchase pdf patterns, which you can find HERE.   If you'd like to browse her free pdf downloads, you can check them out HERE.  And last but not at all least - Heather has written a new book with Melanie de Miguel (author of the fantastic Hubble Stitch) named "Tudor Inspirations - Elemental Beadwork" which I am DYING to buy. The projects in the book were inspired by the Cheapside Hoard,  something I discovered years ago and was sooooooooo inspired by but never got round to designing from - Heather and Melanie have brought all my beady dreams to reality in this book!  Feast your eyes upon the cover, and the inspiration photo from Heather's blog.... so much DELICIOUS...

So you know what's on my wish list now...  Sherwood is definitely getting a few nudges for my birthday.  :)  So that's it for me for January, I wish you the best of the beginnings for this year, and I hope you find something that makes you want to dive into Albion stitch as much as I do!  Have a wonderful month, and see you soon!

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  1. interesting stitch! and those patterns ... swoon. Will be checking out her site!


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