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March Beading Prompt

Happy spring-almost!  How has your year started?  Have you gotten to any of the things on your 2019 To Do List yet?  I haven't, either, don't feel bad.  ;)  We're at the point in the year when we start to rearrange what we planned, I think - you're either massively excited about the things you're ready to do (but can't yet because weather!!) or you're thinking of changing directions because the planned things aren't floating your boat anymore.  I think both things are perfectly ok - it just means realigning yourself with what's resonating.  

I didn't get around to beading last month's prompt, but I did get out an old, half-started project and consider it.  It's still a thing I want to work on, so we'll see if that happens within the next few months.  It's a huge project, and it felt very intimidating and led to this month's prompt as well, because I thought to myself that it would be good to maybe dip in a toe rather than belly flopping.  Soooooooo, a smallish type of prompt this month - earrings.  They seem do-able since they are usually (not always!) small and quick.   And really - you MUST have at least one earring pattern floating around in your stash that you haven't done up yet?  Or one in a magazine that you've been eyeing?

These are some of my favorite ones I've made in the past which I hope will give me some impetus to make a few more.  I discovered that I enjoy creating bead embroidered ones much more than the woven ones, but there are some lovely weaving patterns out there (and in here, in my stash of patterns on my computer... oh so many!!).  

One of the problems lots of people face with earrings is the issue of The Other One.  Making the first earring can be a blast, having to follow through and make a second can be a pain in the butt.  SOOOoooo, here's the thing - if you make some mismatched ones this month, it totally counts.  In fact, if you make one earring and decide holy heck! this would make a fabulous pendant! - it still totally counts.  :D  I hope to see bunches of earrings - matching or not, turned into pendants or not - in the group this month! Happy beading!


  1. Love it. You probably have noticed that I've been loving bead embroidery lately. Soooooo, I'm going to attempt a bead embroidery pair. Thanks Nancy. Xx

  2. Just got back from a bead cruise and have 2 kits of earrings, one by Sherry Serafini and the other by Marcia Balonis so guess what I will be doing!

  3. Such inspiration there Nancy! I've never really had a problem with the 2nd earring. I'm more likely to end up making multiple pairs than stopping at just one. Even when I'm making pendants I usually end up with lots of the same thing in different colours - I currently have 5 variations of the one I'm working on atm. :D

  4. Great prompt! I have an earring set I haven't finished and ratings I that are overdue for a special order. So even with work and 4 college classes I should be able to eke something out.


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