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Blogging? Me? Nah....

Well, that was how I started out. But then, after the website, and the facebook page...well, I started to think that it might be a good idea after all. I saw some really nice blogs by other bead artists, and thought to myself, "Self, that looks like it would be great, and not too hard to do!" On the other hand, would it take time away from beading??? Because that is the main focus of my world most of the time, when I am not taking care of my home and my family - which includes four dogs. The website took some (not a lot, as I do not do all the work on it alone), then facebook took some; maybe this would take too much...? I decided it could not hurt to try it and see how it went. So, I will foray briefly and see how it all goes. At the very least, I should learn something (and no day should ever go by without learning something), and have a chance to show off yet more photos of my passion - BEADS!
So I have started with a photo of my newest cuff as my 'portrait' and am going to add in here the in progress photo of a peyote stitch bracelet that I am test beading for the lovely and talented (and funny and wonderful) Linda Jones:

Linda designed this pattern and posted it on her blog and I fell in love with the colors and the way that it works off itself. I am looking forward to finishing it so that I can post the picture on facebook with kudos for her.

In the meantime I am thinking and pondering the design for my bead embellished purse, which I think may be the next project to start on, since all the Christmas ornament gifts are done...but I could start another cuff like Gypsy...or make a necklace...or go through my whole bead stash...


  1. as long as the blog doesn't turn into work, you'll keep having fun at it :D

  2. Thank god SOMEone is beading my patterns! And you'll love having the blog. It takes a little while to develop readers, but when people begin to visit, it makes for a nice long-distance circle of similarly obsessed friends. Bon Voyage!

  3. Welcome to the beading blog world. I came over from Born Under a Beadsign. Umm, you might find that blogging begins to take up more and more of your time. It's kind of like a rash - the more you scratch the more it itches. Good luck.


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