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Commissions!! Mighty Oak Focal!! Heaven!

I am not planning on writing every day, but I had to post today, HAD to. My best friend has commissioned me to make FOUR necklaces for her to give as Christmas gifts this year, and the necklace she chose is one that I love to make. Even better - each one is to be different, so there will be NO boring repetitive colors, etc, and we are looking forward to sitting down together to shop on Etsy for some gorgeous focal beads to get started with. What more could a beader ask for??

A focal bead that she has had her eye on for herself for weeks now, of course!!! I have purchased one of Lloyd Osborn's beautiful focal beads; it is titled Mighty Oak, and has the most beautiful tree on it, which wraps lovingly around the bead. I have a special love for all older trees, especially the really gnarled and ancient trees that you see with huge trunks and limbs that grow every which way but straight up. This is definitely one of those trees, but it is still young enough to be full of greenery, bursting with life, so majestic. I seriously cannot wait until this arrives so that I can begin designing with it (and fondling it, of course).

Now i have to bone up on focals and the best way to use them, as it has been a long long time since I did any stringing...but maybe it won't be strung...maybe I should weave something to set it off....lots of fringy things, some leaves - hey, maybe Lloyd would make some leaves to go along with it!!!!

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