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Coral Romance is done!!

Well, it took a week and a half, but the cuff is done!!! I am thrilled with it, and hope that everyone else likes it as well. It had a fossil coral centerpiece and some smaller peices of fossil coral on the sides as well, with freshwater pearls and crystals, and mostly size 15 seeds - boy did THAT take awhile!!!! This one was harder to compose than Gypsy, and gave me some challenges along the way, including redoing the center and redoing the edges twice, but I really do think it was worth the frustration. When I visited my favorite local beadstore, the owner commented (it was in progress at that point) that he thought it looked like royalty; but when I finished it, all I could think of was that it looked romantic, as if it belonged on the arm of some lovely in a period novel, hence the title.

I have also just completed one of my custom ordered necklaces, but my husband said I should wait to post the pictures, as the lady that it is eventually intended for (they will be Christmas gifts from my friend to her family) might see it before she should! It is quite nice, even though I felt that it was a little too like one of the necklaces I had already made. I am hoping that they will be quite pleased with the result.

So now I am on to the next of the five commissions, and thinking (of course) of the next cuff or necklace to embroider...too many projects, not enough time!!!!


  1. Nancy this is just beautiful! What a wonderful choice of colors to surround the cab. It's exquisite! Now, patience! Do the commissions and jot your ideas down for the next cuff. (I'm great at giving advice I don't follow. Have you noticed that?)

  2. Thanks, Linda! And you're right, I have to get down to business!!!

  3. That is so beautiful. Love the color palette.

  4. Je trouve votre bracelet brodé vraiment magnifique ! Very beautiful work !!!


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