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Nah, I'm not talking copyright or designs. One of my necklaces is gone. I know I transported it to the gallery, but it's just gone, and right before they were going to feature my work, they contacted me to let me know that although they had this one necklace, they didn't have the other, but it was listed among my pieces, and did I know where it was? So I looked. Maybe I had taken it to the other store? Thinking that I might be losing my marbles, I checked at the other store that has my things on consignment. Nope, not there. I feverishly dug through my entire beaded stash. Maybe I had left it behind by mistake? Nope, not there. It is, in fact, nowhere.

Well, it IS somewhere. Most likely with the person who took it.

I'm not angry. Isn't that odd? I don't blame the gallery, or the other store, or myself. I blame whoever walked away with it. But I'm still not mad. And I have no idea of where it was stolen FROM, I am only sure it didn't walk out of my home, as we are hermits and no one ever comes to visit.

What I am, is really sad. I loved that necklace. It was my first attempt at free form right angle weave, and had the most awesome one of a kind (aren't all stone cabs one of a kind?) honey onyx cabochon as the focal. And cool fringe. And really nice colors, soothing, lovely colors that reminded me of honey, and cream and butter and pound cake... I was proud of it.

You know what makes me saddest, though? I was thinking of giving it as a Christmas gift to my friend's mom if it didn't sell. Because she really liked it. No other reason, just because. I love how someone's face lights up when you give them something you know they like, something they really wanted. A really long time ago, I was selling some barrettes I had beaded, they were in the shape of hearts (3 across), and there was one that was all rainbow colors. It wasn't an expensive piece, because I was just starting out and didn't have access to semi precious stones yet, the fringe ends were only 8's. I was only asking for $35. So there I am, hoping against hope that someone will like one of them enough to buy it... and along comes a mother and daughter. Obviously they were not wealthy; they were wearing clothes that had seen a lot of use, and the mom's handbag was really worn. The daughter, a girl of perhaps 6, stopped to look at the things on the table, and her eyes just LOVED that rainbow barrette. Her mom let her look for a minute and then told her that they really had to get going. As they walked off holding hands, the little girl looked back, right before they turned the corner. And I couldn't stand it, so I did a quick-walk after them, and gave her the barrette. How she smiled! It made my whole week.

The whole reason for the above story is this: if the person that took it had come to me, and told me that they loved it, but that they didn't have the money for it, was there any way that we could work something out... I would have given it to them. I would so much rather have given it to them.

Silly, to sit here and cry over something like that. But there it is, I can't help it.


  1. O, here I go.
    I am marveling at your demeanor about this.
    It would not have been mine years ago, but today, I know I would react the same way. Then I would find a way to be grateful for the situation. No, anyone else that reads this, I'm not stupid. But from this post, I know Nancy, that YOU understand exactly.

  2. I'll be angry for you, Nancy! I hope the thief is suffering from the worst attack of guilty conscience. I can't stand it when people steal from artists. They didn't just steal a thing... they stole your time, the fruit of your inspiration. Boo on them!

    I really admire your tranquility about this... that's something I could never accomplish.

  3. I am sorry for the loss of that beautiful necklace which you so meticulously created, and I am sorry for your sadness. You are a truly beautiful soul, my friend.

    Much Love.

  4. That really Bites! Its a Beautiful piece and I can feel your sadness. It makes me sad that someone would steal your hard work. People seem to think so little of thievery these days. I often give away pieces to friends or people that admire them. Its one thing to offer it--its another thing to have someone take it. They should be ashamed and hopefully guilt ridden!

  5. WOW... that someone stole it and WOW... at your stunning piece... if it's any consolation I can see why they stole it!

    You certainly are calmer than I would be. I recently entered 2 piece into a local show. It was the first time I had to leave the pieces and was worried sick something would happen to them. I would have been devastated if they went missing.

    We put so much of ourselves into our pieces that when we sell them, give them away, or heaven forbid they are stolen, a little piece of us goes with them.

    Cheers to you for staying so upbeat about the whole situation.


  6. I am so very sorry. That is really awful. I get why people steal from Walmart but an artisan? Unreal...

  7. Thank you, ladies. It is pretty sad. And yes, I do understand, CD. I hope that there is a silver lining in here somewhere...

  8. I'm sorry for the loss of your necklace - i know you must feel sad,the person who stole it must have liked it so much they couldn't help themselves, either that or they wanted to sell it.
    It is very beautiful!!

  9. I am so sorry Nancy, it is a lovely piece.

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  11. Me he quedado sin palabras. Espectacular.

  12. you are good. i would be angry. i was going to say a lot of what AJ said, but now she said it for me.
    i know a girl who had ALL of her stuff stolen at a craft show while she was packing her car.
    it's just terrible to steal from artists.
    shame on them!!!

  13. I so understand how you feel. Been there myself. When things like this happen, I feel disappointed in people. They don't just steal a lovely beadwork, they steal part of you with it.
    But I believe in karma, what goes around comes around, as they say.
    Nancy, the necklace is gorgeous, I just wish the person who stole it, figured a better way to get it. Shame on them!!

  14. I have no words for this... I know how a bit of your heart goes into each piece you create...
    I'm so sorry... :(

  15. Nancy, you are a GOOD person! Your story with the little girl very touched me. You have an high spirit, being able to respond to the stealing as you describe. Sorry to hear about such a painful behavior people are able to do.
    All the best, and by the way - I have just discovered your work recently and find it just GORGEOUS! Keep on

  16. It Is looking amazing. The details make all the difference. The ensuite mirrors are gorgeous.
    honey onyx


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