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Bead Mavens, Ice Queens, and Time

Wow it's been a long time since my last blog post. I think the whole thing around losing Honeybutter (previous post) got me more depressed than I thought it did. I've also been busy busy busy with a whole lot of different things, including a once-a-week blog post for the group I am now a part of : The Bead Mavens! I just now realized this morning that I hadn't blogged about becoming a member. The group is chock full of wonderfully, phenomenally talented beaders and I am very very proud to be included among them. It has been a lovely experience, getting to know each of them (and some of them even better than I knew them before), and to see what we can learn from one another as we try to share with others the knowledge and experience we have ourselves. Part of the fun of the group has been getting a challenge up and going, and the first one we've issued publicly is called Ice Queen; it's an invitation to make something beady in an icy, glamourous theme and have a chance at winning the considerable (and growing) prizes that we've had donated. (Some of these prizes include: gift bags from Artbeads, a store coupon for Kandra's Beads, dichroic glass goodies, cabochons, and some beady goodness from Kelly Angeley of Beadologie on Etsy, to name a few.) If you haven't visited yet, come and see us on our website, our forum, our Facebook page and our blog - and enter the challenge!!! You can also see what the Mavens have created for pieces for the challenge, although we aren't eligible for prizes ourselves.

It seems like time has just been flying past for me this year, I can't believe it's almost time for Thanksgiving again. I've had so many projects going at once that I've lost track of some of them and am sure I'll find the bits and pieces here and there as I try to play catch-up this next week or so. Right now, after finally finishing my Winter Flowers necklace for the Mavens' Ice Queen, I have to get to work on a cuff I've promised to one of my wonderful cabochon suppliers.

And clean the house, and brush the dogs, and try to figure out supper, and put away the load of beading supplies that are hiding my desktop again, and.... well, you know. If I didn't have a nasty cold (which I generously shared with my husband), I would most likely be getting things done much more quickly.


  1. Truly stunning, Nancy. I'll definitely be checking out the Bead Mavens. :)


  2. Yayyy!! It will be awesome to see you there, Juls!!!

  3. Greatful,I love this Necklace,Lg Marion

  4. Every time I read that you need to clean, it reminds me to clean my house, tomorrow! Be kind to yourself. People will remember you for your beadwork, not the endless housecleaning!

  5. hello, first time here. Your work is absolutely stunning! Best wishes - Aga


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