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February BJP, Maven Made and my Giveaway

Good morning to you! Glad you could stop by!

I wanted to post my February Bead Journal Project Piece and catch up a bit... I wasn't too original this month with the BJP; I did a heart, of COURSE, everyone (almost) does hearts for Feb...but I couldn't resist. I think I've come to the conclusion that the final product (a purse) will be made up of these 'quilt' squares. I began with the idea of doing something different each month, design wise, but I've had a lot of fun trying out these quilt patterns, so I think I'll continue.

I've also completed a few new pieces. One is a set for a very dear friend and return customer, and I am happy as heck to let you know that she really liked it:

The other is a spiral necklace I named Cobalt Tear, which includes a lampwork bead that I've been hoarding - I fell in love with it and hadn't been able to think of how I wanted to show case it for a long while. But I like how it turned out, especially the 'bead cap' bit that was the result of one of those little mistakes that turn into happy endings.

I hope I'll get some more entries for my Giveaway, as well!! Please do check out my last post and see the details, I'm keeping it open for entries until the 28th!!

The Bead Mavens (a group of lovely beaders I belong to, for those of you who didn't know already) are holding a spring challenge with a TON of awesome sponsors donating prizes, so if you haven't been to look at it yet, stop by the website for the entry rules. I have yet to start my Vernal Visions piece, but I have some yummy ideas that include some flowers...!

Each of my teammates have been busy, and I thought I would share a bit of their hard work with you here...eye candy!!! Enjoy! (And if you're interested in purchasing any of their work, or any of their patterns, stop by the website as well, for links to each of their shops.)

One of Mikki's newest flatwork designs - I love this one SO much!!

One of Cynthia's newest bracelets - my favorite colors!

A WONDERFUL new idea in rings by Christina - these ROCK!!

And a brooch made by Linda - another one of my favorites! Her brooch was made earlier during the winter; Linda is working on a Secret Project and I can't share yet, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled, it's going to be STUNNING!!!

Have a fabulous day and an even better week!!


  1. Lots and lots of oooohhhhhs and aaaaahhhhhhs for sure. You are gifted with that needle!

  2. I love the quilt squares. Once again, another winning design!

  3. A purse is a GREAT idea! Love your heart square...I love all things "heart" :-)

  4. Wow! as in triple wow! I love Cynthia's work...It's so unique and my fave color too... Wish I could come up also a unique accessory that is worth featuring by others.... :D

  5. Beautiful pieces all, but the most exacting is your piece for February, well done! I never have success beading such straight lines of one color, and I admire greatly anyone who can do this!

  6. Thanks for including my bracelet! You are so sweet. And Mimi, thank you! I love that color, too.

  7. Love the new BJP piece!And oh, those gorgeous necklaces! Just glorious work, as always!

  8. Your work is just gorgeous!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader


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