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Wanna Play Favorites?

Hi all. I'm depressed. So, to cheer myself up, I want to have a giveaway. I love giving things away, I'm odd like that.

Here's what I'm giving away: something from one of my shops, whether it be my Etsy shop or my Artfire shop, worth LESS than $150. The winner gets to choose their own prize from the stock in my shops.

You'll have until February 28th to get in entries.

The rules:

Leave me a comment here on my blog telling me which of the items in my shop(s) UNDER $150 you like best AND:

Go to my favorites on Etsy (or on Artfire) and shop from My Favorite shops; make a purchase from any one of the shops I heart (no matter how much the purchase may be) and you will get a shot at winning. Make sure that you come back here and leave me another comment, telling me from which shop you made your purchase.

Purchase a tutorial or a beaded item from one of the Mavens from any of their shops or websites, get another shot.

None of the ladies and gentlemen in ANY of the shops (including the Mavens) know that I am holding this giveaway, and no one is reimbursing me or giving me any kind of incentive to hold this contest.

Have fun shopping and good luck, I hope to see whole bunches of entries.


  1. What a cool way to do a giveaway! Ok, Missy....I've been thinking about doing a giveaway I will follow your lead :)
    I just need to rest up my knee, fave some stores and probably list some new things in my store:)

  2. I love your idea!! Giving always cheers me up, too!

  3. Oh, what a fabulous idea for a giveaway, Nancy! Very creative and 'outside the box' :-D I'm off to have a look at your favs now!


  4. A super duper idea!!! But I'm not on Artfire. :(

    BUT, I can share a link so that more people will be aware of your super duper giveaway!!!

  5. @ Jewels; the contest is for Etsy or Artfire, either one... and you're one my favorites, silly!

  6. What a great to take a looksee.


  7. Well, Nancy...I guess I never knew you had a blog...and've got me to stalk you! I'm depressed too because it is snowing outside hard & I must go out to #1 get husband his Peach Snapple #2 to finally return a box of dolls an artist left at the gallery back in JUNE! and #3 get my Fiona her insulin needles. Why depressed...cause I want to go downstairs & just bead bead bead.

    Hey if I win...anything with earthy (aka orange is my favie) will make me smile!


  8. Wow! What a giveaway! My favorite thing in your shop under $150 is your Wine and Roses Vessel - a work of art!

  9. This is an awesome giveaway! You are so talented anyone would be lucky to have one of these!

  10. Lurve Lurve LUUUUUUUURVE this one!

    But this is pretty darn gorgeous!

    As is this one!

    SEE??? I TOLD you I couldn't just pick one!!!! :S

    Your work is outstanding Nancy!!

  11. Maybe it's because of this crazy weather that we're having, but this is my favorite item under $150 from your Etsy shop:

    I love the rope, the pendant, the clasp and the colors. It's just beautiful! And considering that I wear an awful lot of black during the winter months, this would go so well with pretty much everything I own. :-D

  12. I love the Thistle Meadow. The colors are my favorite. I would wear Thistle Meadow often. The colors inspire me to bead and remind me of why I love to bead. I have purchased two tutorials from The Jade Dog, Freeform Bracelet and Fringe Beaded Bead.

  13. I love the Denim crystal Bangle!!

  14. I love the Denim crystal Bangle!!

  15. I love the snowy cuff and the blues beady bag mixture! Lovely colors.

  16. I just purchased from twistedsistersarts!!

  17. I just purchased from creativecabs... very pretty labradorite cab.
    I love this idea for your giveaway - such a good idea to promote your work, and the work of others.

  18. I think your snowbound necklace is my favourite piece in your shops... so beautiful! I can never get my spiral rope to look that even!

  19. What a generous giveaway! I'd be honored to own anything made by you....but I can't pick just 1! I have 2 favorites.

    I think this one has a slight edge over the others, only because I love wide cuffs!

    & I love this itty bitty vessel:

  20. What an amazing give-away, Nancy! I love this Denim Crystal Bangle -

    I purchased this necklace from SmadarsTreasure - on Friday. ;)

  21. Lea, Yayyyy!! Thanks!!

    CD - how wonderful, that's a gorgeous necklace you purchased!!! I'm so glad you entered!

  22. Alrighty, I'm here. Raise your hand if you're surprised. The favoritest item I found is Industrial Asymmetry. Just because. And it's blue. And beaded. And Made by NED . . .

    Oh, and I bought some wonderful raku beads from MAKUStudio. Those will be earrings for me later. I can send link if you need to see it.

    Awesome idea. I need to have a giveaway, but the big gem & mineral show is really soon. So after that.

  23. URGH! It was like an Icey New England Highway getting here but I found it and am happy to say I bought a Cabochon from Maku because It was really nice like! And I am happy to also say that you are "right Nice" TOO!

  24. I purchased a polymer clay bead from ikandiclay to go with some faceted carnelian beads I've had for a while. It's 29833391 with transaction id 44524056

    I also did an oops and purchased your favorite ITEM from mountain glory (not a favorite SHOP) the gorgeous parrot wing chrysocolla cab. It's 29833079 with transaction id 44523508 if you want to look at it again.

    Thanks for being my personal shopper.

  25. If you are doing this for market research, my favorite item under $150 in your shops is the wine and roses vessel.

  26. What an inspired (and inspiring!) giveaway! My favorite piece from your shops is your Industrial Asymetry cuff. I had been drooling over it even before you announced your giveaway!

  27. It was difficult to choose, there were so many gorgeous items to consider from your favorite shops. I pondered for days, but finally decided on a blue labrodorite cabachon from mygemgarden2. (listing #63522889/trans #44583423) Thanks for introducing me to some great artisans!

    I also ordered, and have already started on the Snake Chain tutorial from Good Quill Hunting (Order ID #226098)

  28. you know i'm madly in love with everything you do, right? but the serenity vessel...holy cow, that is like magic. i can't even imagine how such an awesome thing is done. just makes me stare in wonder.

    oh..or is it the thistle meadow set? or the industrial symmetry? or, or, or...

    you see hy it took me so long to respond. who could possibly choose? :D

  29. I was going to exempt myself from this giveaway since I already won one of your beautiful cuffs. Your work is so incredibly stunning that I simply cannot resist! I hope that all of my beady friends will forgive me :)

    I would love to win your Wine and Roses Vessel. It is beautifully intricate, and I feel as though I could study it for hours.

    I purchased the Kingman Turquoise With Bronze Freeform Designer Cabochon (Transaction #44555662) from rockcutter62, one of your Etsy favorites.

    I also purchased Good Quill Hunting's beautiful Green Scarab Finger Cuff, and can't wait for it to arrive.

    Thank you.

  30. Hi Nancy,

    How do I resist a give away ...especially when it is something you've made. I too would love to win the Wine and Roses Vessel.

    I purchased beads and charms from and beads from

    Thanks!! again for having this fun give away!!!



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