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I finished another cuff!! I am so happy that I made another one - it's been awhile - but I'm not very happy with how it turned out. I think I should have done something differently, but I can't put my finger on what. It's had a good reception, and people seem to like it, but I'm very lukewarm on it, myself. I keep wondering if the crystals on the edges of the cabs are what are bothering me, or if it's the fact that I think my embroidery seems messy, due to the unrelenting black. I think I was a little crazy when I made it; it's almost all size 15 seed beads and took forever.

I'm thinking on whether I should list it in one of the shops, or send it to the gallery this month when I pick up my October's Goddess necklace from it's display at the Members' Exhibition. Or maybe it should go to New England Beads to hang out...

Now I'm off to start a new project; making a necklace and a cuff for one of my bestest friends on Facebook!! She has sent me some drop-dead gorgeous cabs and crystals to work with and given me complete artistic license to make whatever comes to mind... she's a wonderful lady!


  1. Or maybe you could send it to a Facebook friend! Like me! LOL! Suzie

  2. Wow...It's fantastic! Lovely colors!
    Happy Beading:-)

  3. I think the crystals ARE bothering you, but they are what makes this piece a little different than your usual style. Its a beautiful piece and the crystals with the black sure makes the color pop. I think its great!

  4. My goodness, that is just flat out beautiful! I am going to try and get good enough at this to completely cover something with're an inspiration for me to try!

  5. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors, so rich and deep. Your work is amazing!!

  6. Thank you, ladies!! It's very encouraging to know that when you're doubtful of your work, others are still liking it!

  7. Wonderful! I love your cuffs!! Very nice work!

  8. I love your work! This cuff is really beautiful - colors and beadwork. Perfect as far as my opinion goes!


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